Dialysis patient care is in crisis and it’s driving up costs for all Californians.

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Dialysis care is in crisis

Dialysis corporations DaVita and Fresenius dominate the industry, making a combined $3.9 billion in profits from their US dialysis operations. Meanwhile, kidney dialysis patients, who rely on the treatment to stay alive, report bloodstains and cockroaches in clinics.

Holding corporations accountable

Proposition 8 will push dialysis corporations to spend more on patient care and stop extreme consumer overcharging, which can help lower healthcare costs for all Californians.

YES on Prop 8

COMMIT to vote Yes this November. SHARE with your friends and family. JOIN others working to pass Prop 8.

YES on Prop 8

Join us to pass Prop 8 and ensure that dialysis patients receive the highest quality of care. Together we can #FixDialysis.

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